Refund Request

Refund application have ended at 17/1/2019 23:59:59

Terms and Conditions for Subscriber’s Refund of Reload Balance

1. Tron subscribers who have chosen to terminate their MVN service from Tron can apply for a refund of reload balance.

2. The refund is only applicable to purchased reload balance for active subscriber. Reload balance which were granted by the company as free reload or reload promotion will be forfeited.

3. Refund application period : from 18/12/2018 to 17/1/2019

4. Subscribers must provide proof of identity to request for reload refund:

  • Full Name
  • ID Number
  • Tron Mobile No.
  • Malaysian – Copy of Original NRIC front page and back page crossed for Tron use only
  • Foreigners – Copy of Original Passport crossed for Tron us only
  • Banking details and copy of bank statement/savings account book as proof of bank account ownership

5. The application for refund will be verified within 14 days. Upon successful verification of subscribers’ identity, the services will be terminated immediately.

6. The amount of refund will be the reload balance as of the date and time of successful verification.

7. The payment of refund will be processed by stage within 30 days from 21/1/2019 (closing date).

8. All bank transaction fee(s) will be borne by subscribers for payment of refund to bank accounts from both local bank and foreign bank (bank account outside of Malaysia).

9. Subscriber will get email notification once the reload credit has been refunded.

10. Subscriber may also check their refund progress here http://channel.tron.com.my/refund/check

11. Application for refund will be deemed unsuccessful in the event that personal identity cannot be verified and/or inaccurate personal details and banking details submitted.

12. Once an application for refund is submitted, the details are deemed true, accurate and final.

13. Should the company find that any reload refund claim is fake or fraudulent, the company reserves the right to reject the refund application and proceed with law enforcement.